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May 3-5, 2019
Parade Day is May 4th!
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Frequently Asked Questions
When is registration deadline?  
May 1, 2018 for larger Kinetic Sculpture Floats. May 5, 2018 for Art Bike Entries (limited to first 100 registrants).

What are registration costs?
$25 for Kinetic Art Sculpture Floats
$15 for Art Bikes

What are the maximum dimensions for the Kinetic Sculpture Floats?
10' Wide  x  11' Tall  x  30' Long 

What is the purpose of this event? 
The purpose of the event is to honor Stanley Papio and his rebel artistry and innovation and by doing so, we celebrate creativity, engineering, sculpture and kinetics- including but not limited to the bicycle. ​

How many categories? 
There are two categories: Art Bikes & Kinetic Art Sculpture Floats.  

What makes this event different than other kinetic parades? 
It's not a race, there's no water element, the rules are less strict, and we're allowing human movement and not just gears to qualify a Kinetic Sculpture. 

Are there workshops for potential sculptors and artists? 
2018 workshop info to be posted soon!

Are there prizes? 
There will be awards and cash prizes at the award ceremony, immediately following the Parade.

How long is the Parade?  
1.5 miles. The Parade should take about 1 hour or less to complete. 

How many people can participate on a  team?
The more the merrier!

What are the most important rules or regulations for each Kinetic Sculpture or Art Bike? 
The Kinetic Sculptures are limited to roughly 7'6" wide and 11' tall. The goal is for all kinetic creations (including Art Bikes) to be human-powered (push or pedal) in propulsion and movement. In other words, you don't have to have a fully pedaled float! 

Where can we park?
The Key West Amphitheater has some free parking in the adjacent lots, however biking and walking is greatly encouraged.
Maragaritaville Resort - near the parade start at the Custom House has a full house so parking is limited there too for the general public.

Papio's Recycled Workshop Info

​Children of all ages are welcome to join us for Papio's Recycled Workshop from 10am-noon. Gabriela will be guiding attendees in making unique art, using recycled materials. From flags, wearable art, and kinetic sculptures; there is no limit to what can be made. Donations of recycled materials will be collected in the art room of the May Sands School starting in April. Please be sure to wash and clean all recycled donations before dropping them off
​- Open to children between the ages of 6 and 13. Parents are more than welcome to join and are encouraged to create along with their children, though there will be some volunteers present to assist. 
- The purpose of the workshop is to create "wearable art." (I.E.: a necklace made out of old bottle caps, a fancy hat made from newspaper, a dress made from construction mesh... ) Though recyclable materials will be collected via donations throughout the month of April, participants/families are encouraged to bring anything from home that could be transformed into art or a sculpture. Bring items to the workshop and we will develop them there, with assistance from Bria Ansara. 
- Parade Attire: I would love to see the participants wearing bright colors, try to avoid wearing patterns. (Our wearable art will stand out more against a bright SOLID background). 
- Remember to bring SUNSCREEN & A WATER BOTTLE. Parents should keep in mind that it is a long walk, the length of Duval Street. There will be a water/break station approximately halfway through the parade route at the San Carlos. 
- There will be a short demonstration at 10:15 AM so it's recommended that participants show up as early as possible to make the most of their time at the workshop. 
- Workshop participants will be registered as a group. No need to individually register. We will likely be at the beginning of the parade, before the bike sculptures, marching as a group to show off our creations. 
- The workshop will take place behind the Custom House in the small garden area near the back parking. There will also be a breakfast area. Breakfast is free, and so is the workshop.
- Stanley Papio was a creative and unique artist who settled in the Florida Keys and worked as a welder. He found beauty and functionality in items that most people would discard, or look at as "junk." This workshop will serve to inspire children to discover the artistic potential of everyday items that we often overlook. We will be bringing new life to these recycled materials, creating interesting and unique works that would make Stanley Papio proud. 

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