Mardi Gras Fever Review

About the game

Mardi Gras Fever is a slot game by the popular and respected developer Microgaming. Party New Orlean style with this slot game that will definitely give you the carnival fever. It’s filled with colour, costumes and charisma that which exhibits the magic of this carnival. The reels feature carnival-themed symbols, such as masks, cocktails, feathers, dancers etc.

It’s inspired by a real event that takes place in New Orlean. It takes place two weeks before Shrove Tuesday, the day before Ash Wednesday. There are celebrations that go on all day and evening, with parades, dancing, food etc. It celebrates the history and tradition of New Orleans and every aspect of the carnival is well thought out. Exactly like Mardi Gras Fever! The game gets the carnival vibe spot on. And we´re sure it´ll have you wanting to attend the real Mardi Gras carnival one year.


Mardi Gras Fever features 5 reels and 20 paylines. The bet minimum is 10p and the maximum is £100 per spin. There is an excellent jackpot of £4000, and an RTP of 97%.

This slot game doesn’t actually offer many features. It doesn’t give free spins, bonus rounds, etc. However, it does offer an autoplay mode. Autoplay gives players the chance to repeatedly play Mardi Gras Fever by spinning the reels one after another. And they are not required to manually press any buttons.

The Red Seven is the jackpot-awarding symbol. If you see this symbol you can win anything up to an incredible £20,000.

Play for Free on Mobile, Tablet and Android

You can enjoy all the excitement of Madri Gras Fever in free play. Thunderkick offer players to play this slot game risk-free just for fun. And of course, you can build up your skills until you’re ready to play for real cash prizes! No download or registration required. And you can now download the app on any mobile, tablet or desktop.

Our Mardi Gras Fever Conclusion

Despite being fairly simple in terms of gameplay, the slot offers an incredible theme and definitely entertains players. We recommend this game to all players simply for the fact you can win big. Because that´s the main aim right? With a gigantic jackpot and also big sums to be won regularly it´s hard to not be tempted to give this slot game a try. For example, if you bet one or two £5, you can earn between £2500 ‐ £5000 for three Red Sevens. So we definitely would recommend playing at the maximum to receive big payouts when you win!

And also the theme is the next prominent reason that we’d recommend this slot game. It makes the game energetic, fun and engaging. The game is beautifully designed and the music makes it feel so lifelike. You’ll really get absorbed in the incredible atmosphere it brings to your screens.

Mardi Gras Fever Review

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